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Full Flower – N

The Recent research shows , it is an excellent flowering stimulant and yield booster. Application of full flower-N leading to more fruits set and increase yield with better quality. Packing Size(Bottles) : 250ml/500ml/1Ltr./5Ltr./20Ltr Used in : cotton, all flowers
Composition : Nitrobenzene : 22% v/v Surfactant : 40%v/v Filler carriers : 38% v/v ...

Micro Zyme Crop+

Enhanced soil ferty with greater microbial activity. Improve resistance to stress. Effective root development Increase nutritional uptake. Assimilation of the plant nutrients. Packing Size(Bottles) : 250ml/500ml/1Ltr./5Ltr Used in : yellow to green , growth in enzymes
Composition : Total Soluble solids containing seaweed (Ascophyllumodosum ) extract, proteins, carbohydrates inorganic salts & other inherent nutrients contained in product of vegetable and animal origin. 25%...

Fast Target

Natural hydrolyzed proteins, nitrobenzene, cytokines, amino acids enzymes with vitamin B-6. It stimulants overall growth includes moreflowering, prevents, shedding of bubs, flowering and fruits, enlarges fruits size, improves crop and increases yield. It also helps plants to fight against viral and fungal diseases. Packing Size(Bottles) : 250ml/500ml/1Ltr./5Ltr./20Ltr Used in : growth promoter in plants
Composition : Humic Acid : 15% Amino Acid Complex...