Features & Benefits :

  • It is free flowing, crystalline which dissolves speedly and completely in water
  • Contains two important essential Secondary Micronutrients Magnesium and Sulphur in a balanced ratio
  • Helps to keep plant leaves green by maintaining chlorophyll levels & thus helps in growth
  • Can be mixed and applied along with all other foliar water soluble fertilizer except calcium fertilizers
  • Has efficient source of soluble Magnesium and Sulphur essential for high-tech production systems

Crops : All Crops
Dosage- Foliar application: 25-50 Kg. / Acre for Fruits/ Vegetables/ Kharif – Rabi Crops OR
4-5g / Litre of Water.

Technical Specifications

Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)
Magnesium (as Mg) 9.6 % min
Sulphur (as S) 12 % min
Matter Insoluble in Water 1 % max
Lead (as Pb) 0.003 % max
Color and Form white, dry, fee flowing crystals