Micro Calshakti

Packing Size : 40Kg bag

Advantages of Micro Calshakti :

  • Micro Calshakti contains secondary nutrients viz. Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur and act as a soil Conditioners which improves soil properties and Helps in improving and maintaining soil fertility and Productivity.
  • It reduces pH of alkaline soil and their by making Availability of micronutrients to the plant.
  • It makes the plant sturdy and healthy, and increases Diseases resistance.
  • It enhances root growth and induces better growth of nutrient absorbing roots.
  • It increases greenness in plant as such better crop Growth and development.
  • In cotton plant increase number of bolls and Receives good quality yield.
  • It prevents from Reddening of leaves in Cotton Plant.
  • Reduces Magnesium deficiency in Soybean crop and Increases oil and protein content.